18Oct 2023

Strip brushes come in various types, each designed for specific applications. The versatility of strip brushes makes them suitable for a wide range of industries. Here are some common types of strip brushes, their usage, and materials: Metal Channel Strip Brushes: Usage: Metal channel strip brushes are often used for industrial applications such as sealing, […]

10Mar 2021

Stainless steel wire roller brushes are mainly used in the glass industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, textile industry, carton industry, shoe industry, and can play the role of dust prevention, polishing, clarity, and grinding. Stainless steel wire has passed continuous oxidation tests and has strong toughness, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Stainless steel wire pipe […]

02Mar 2021

Spring Brush is the brush wire embedded in galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, through the machine wound into the shape of the spring, to form a new variety of brush roller. The spring brush in the shape is divided into inner-winding spring brush and outer-winding spring brush as follows. 1: Wire spring brush is […]

28Nov 2019

There are thousand of brush in the world, for different usage, different vessel, different material. Today we will introduce the Medical brush, which is specialized for medical . There are many kind of cleaning brush in hospital, and we will talking about the small pipe cleaning brush. Picture Usage Actually there many small pipe would […]

28Aug 2019

Last article, we have introduce how to choose the pipe brush. Here we will introduce how to choose the seal brush. There are some details same between seal brush and the pipe brush. That is filament material. The diameter of filament is decide the hardness of brush. So when confirm the diameter, you should confirm […]

15Aug 2019

There are many shapes and types pipe brush with different usage. but how to match a pipe brush ? what specifications I should know, and what specifications I should tell to supplier ? All the answer as below. Usage First, confirm the usage of brush. There are a lot of time we will use the […]

18Feb 2019

Hi Everybody, Class Hardware wish you have a nice day everyday in a new year. We have end the 15 days new years holiday and back to our work. If you have any inquiry of nylon brush、Nylon Tube Cleaning Brushes, bottle brush、pipe brush、Steel Wire Tube Brush,Tube Brushes、twisted in wire brush,Door bottom brush、Door Brush Strip、Door Seal […]

14Dec 2018

1.Never clean against the bristles of a Strip brush. 2.Strip brush after cleaning, with tissue paper or makeup cotton fingers gently pressed, let the water discharge, but remember not to twist brush hair, otherwise it will destroy the brush, brush hair will also make the structure of loose, leading to depilation. 3.After cleaning the brush, […]

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