Below is the material and feature of brush from Classic Hardware Co.,Ltd.
1. The elasticity of PBT wire is better than nylon wire, but the abrasion resistance is less than 610, and the performance of PBT is soft, which is most suitable for cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as car surface cleaning;
2.Nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) brush wire has good abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good elasticity, suitable for household dust removal and cleaning brush components, such as vacuum cleaner roller, brush roller, brush platform and so on;
3. The elasticity of nylon 612 or nylon 1010 is the best and the cost is the highest, but the wear resistance is less than 610, the appearance has a better performance, impact resistance, aging resistance and other properties are also very good, the most suitable for industrial equipment and doors and Windows and other dust department; Generally also need to have flame retardant antistatic function;
4. Polypropylene (PP) brush wire, has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, but the elasticity is not very good, long time work is easy to deformation is difficult to recover, so it is suitable for industrial dust removal and cleaning for the rougher parts, such as mine wharf dust removal, sanitation vehicles sweep brush and so on;
5.PE wire is a few kinds of brush wire in the softer brush wire, often used in the car cleaning brush, plus the raising process, easy to protect the car paint surface;
6.Bristles are often used for washing bath brush or polishing valuable objects, such as gold, precious stones, piano and other surface treatment, also suitable for hard alloy polishing and grinding;
7. Horse hair is softer than bristle, and it is easier to remove floating ash. It is often used in high-end household cleaning products, or for industrial purposes such as removing floating ash.
8. Metal wire such as steel wire, copper wire, generally used for deburring metal surface treatment, its wear resistance is good;
9. Abrasive nylon wire (silicon carbide abrasive wire, alumina abrasive wire, diamond abrasive wire), has a good wear resistance and acid and alkaline resistance, often used in PCB surface treatment, galvanized pickling line, as well as metal processing, polishing deburring and other aspects of use;
10. Sisal hemp brush silk, has a good toughness, high temperature resistance, grease absorption, often used for pot brush or high temperature, oil and other USES. Material characteristics of the brush with wood or plastic brush body, brush hair from the machine nail into the brush body. The bristle brush body is supplied with a through shaft or pipe with end journal. Shell blocks can also be attached to a tubular brush, making it easy to replace the brush without removing the shaft.

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