09Oct 2023

Unveiling the Ultimate Solution for Seamless Sealing: The Stainless Steel Channel Strip Brush! In a world where precision matters, finding the perfect sealing solution is paramount. Introducing our Stainless Steel Channel Strip Brush, a revolutionary product designed to meet and exceed your sealing needs. Crafted with the finest materials and customizable to your specifications, this […]

15Dec 2020

The brush roller of cleaning machine is one of the industrial brush products of BAI, which is widely used. As the name implies, it is the brush roller assembled in industrial equipment to play the role of cleaning and other related matching brush roller. To sum up, the cleaning machine brush roller is divided into […]

28Aug 2019

Last article, we have introduce how to choose the pipe brush. Here we will introduce how to choose the seal brush. There are some details same between seal brush and the pipe brush. That is filament material. The diameter of filament is decide the hardness of brush. So when confirm the diameter, you should confirm […]

15Aug 2019

There are many shapes and types pipe brush with different usage. but how to match a pipe brush ? what specifications I should know, and what specifications I should tell to supplier ? All the answer as below. Usage First, confirm the usage of brush. There are a lot of time we will use the […]

29May 2019

There many kinds of brush in the market, because their is comprise with different filament in different usage. According to the usage, popular filaments for brush as below: 1.Nylon filaments (PA66) is high temperature resistance filaments use in hair brushes, and have a good softness and resilience. It is popular use on the print brush, […]

08May 2019

Classic Hardware Co., Ltd is a brush manufacturer which is specialized in all kinds of industrial brush and hand tool. Our company established in 2010 and located in Guangzhou. As a manufacturer, We have advanced brush equipment and strong technical capability. keeping updating and innovating production techniques. We have developed and manufactured a variety of […]

02Apr 2019

Rotating nylon bottle brush For the Material: nylon, polypropylene, stainless steel. This kind of bottle brush is mainly use to clean  the inside wall of the bottle. Its main characteristics are: can be closely adhered to the bottle wall, strong cleaning effect. Brush head with high density bristles to thoroughly remove stubborn stains. The brush […]

17Jan 2019

Spring brush introduction Spring brush is the bristle embedded pressure in galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, and then through the machine winding into a new breed of  roller. and this technology is the introduction of a new foreign brush roller practice. The shape can divide into outward and inward as shown below. Brush roller […]

02Jan 2019

Sealing brush Mainly applicable to: escalator industry, sanitation industry, cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner accessories. It also use to food machinery, CNC machine tools, ceramics, doors and Windows industry,  furniture industry. And the usage for compacting dust, water, dust removal, cleaning, elastic pressure, polishing and so on.Sealing brush product introduction: the base material: stainless steel, electrolytic plate, […]

18Dec 2018

Industrial door brush widely use in industrial doors, shutter doors, rapid doors, KFC doors, revolving doors, can play a role in sealing, dust, but different categories of products use in the matching are different, we will briefly introduce the following: Industrial doors, shutter doors, rapid doors generally use H (180 °) or F (90 °) […]

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