There are many shapes and types pipe brush with different usage. but how to match a pipe brush ? what specifications I should know, and what specifications I should tell to supplier ? All the answer as below.


First, confirm the usage of brush. There are a lot of time we will use the it: to clean the pipe in the bottle, to clean the gun, to cleaning the oil pipe in machine, to polishing the steel parts and etc. According to the usage, we can confirm the shape, material, color, and the size.


For the shape, usually ensure the brush can touch the everywhere of the pipe. If the pipe or the bottle have bottom, we will make the brush with sector at the end. If the brush is a hand tool, we can attach a handle.


For the material, it is the one of the most important specification of brush, which is decide the using effect. Usually a brush including two parts material, filament and steel handle.

If the brush need to reuse for along time, we will suggest use nylon filament. if just one time or a few times used, choosing a cheaper filament, PP filament. PS: Nylon is softer than PP, so you can according to the cleaned object to choose it. For the handle, usually it is normal steel wire, if the brush cleaning with water, we will suggest use the SUS steel wire.


At last we will talk about how to confirm the parameter . There have a few mainly parameter of brush: brush area diameter, brush area length, brush total length, steel wire diameter, filament diameter, end ring diameter (if it have).

How to confirm all the parameter ? The standard is make sure the brush can touch ever where of the pipe. That means the inner diameter of pipe is the brush area diameter.

To let you know clearly, below is a drawing for pipe brush parameter:

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