The brush roller of cleaning machine is one of the industrial brush products of BAI, which is widely used. As the name implies, it is the brush roller assembled in industrial equipment to play the role of cleaning and other related matching brush roller. To sum up, the cleaning machine brush roller is divided into two categories: one is the glass cleaning machine brush roller, another is the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine brush roller. Two types of brush roller due to the use of different environment, material selection, processing technology and other aspects are also different.

Glass cleaning machine brush roller

1. Products mainly include cleaning machine brush roller, edging machine brush, PP, PU, PVC and PVA water absorbing sponge roller. 2, glass cleaning machine brush roller, roll shaft is generally selected 45# round steel, brush bristles are mostly nylon material, acid and alkali resistant. If the glass cleaning line needs to be cleaned with acid, the brush roller of all stainless steel must be used to prevent corrosion. Generally, a strip brush machine is used to make a strip brush and then spiral welded on the roll shaft. Water absorption roller, made of sponge with high density hydrophilic molecules, has good water absorption performance and fast drying, which is used to absorb water droplets on the glass surface quickly and comprehensively.

Glass cleaning machine brush roller

Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine brush roller

The products are vegetable cutting machine hair brush, meat cutting machine hair brush, mushroom cleaning machine hair brush, hair cleaning machine hair brush, fruit washing machine hair brush, beans, garlic peel machine hair brush, oil press machine hair brush. 2, fruits, vegetables and other industrial production, the use of nylon brush roller to clean a variety of fruits, carrots and other agricultural crops, the brush wire is required to resist pressure, good elasticity, but can not scratch fruits and vegetables. The brush material of food machinery is PA6, PA66, 611,612, 010 wire, etc. The roller core is made of 45# round steel or stainless steel, which is injected and implanted with high-temperature nylon brush wire to clean the dirt and wax on the fruit surface. The bristles are mostly made of bacteria-resistant nylon 1010, which is temperature-resistant and wear-resistant. The bristles are not bent back and do not shed. 3. Food brush roller is widely used for mechanical cleaning, peeling and removing pesticide residues before keeping vegetables and fruits fresh. Brush roller surface can be cut into wavy shape according to needs, by concave and convex corresponding two brush rollers for a group, easy to clean, also achieve better cleaning effect.

Fruit and vegetable cleaning machine brush roller

Spring brush roller

Spring brush roller is mainly used in coating, steel (steel plate pretreatment, galvanized steel plate, color coated steel plate), glass cleaning and other industries.
Spring brush roller brush wire material determines its use.
1. Wire spring brush is mainly used in steel, coating and other industries.
2, nylon silk spring brush is mainly used in cleaning, furniture wood polishing, color coated roll of rust and other industries.

Purpose of spring brush roller

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