Spring brush introduction

Spring brush is the bristle embedded pressure in galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, and then through the machine winding into a new breed of  roller. and this technology is the introduction of a new foreign brush roller practice.

The shape can divide into outward and inward as shown below.

Brush roller is on a seamless circular shaft with this winding way. To maintain good density spot welding on the circular shaft formed today brush wire density.

High quality brush roller (also known as winding brush roller) which is not easy to drop.

Purpose of spring brush:

Mainly use in coating, steel (steel pre-treatment, galvanized steel, steel color coating), glass cleaning , bleaching and dyeing industry.

By material:

Brush wire material determines its use.

1, wire material is mainly use in steel, coating and other industries.

2, nylon wire is mainly use in cleaning, furniture wood polishing, color coating roll rust removal and other industries.

Spring brush features:

1. Mainly solves the problem that the common roller cannot achieve the density.(the roller with plastic or nylon and other brush attachments)

(note: because in the plastic wool to take into account the brush wire is strong, to ensure that the brush wire does not fall off, the general brush roller hair density has a minimum limit; To achieve

the highest density, the ordinary brush roller is not available.

2, some of the spring brush also has a certain clearance, to avoid debris falling in the wire and can not clean while working.

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