There many kinds of brush in the market, because their is comprise with different filament in different usage. According to the usage, popular filaments for brush as below:

1.Nylon filaments (PA66) is high temperature resistance filaments use in hair brushes, and have a good softness and resilience. It is popular use on the print brush, seal strip brush, industrial brush, door brush, and etc.

2. PP fbristle( Polypropylene ) is also a popular filament material of brush, that is hard and cheap. Usually install on the machine for sealing or rubbing

3. PBT bristle popular use to the tooth brush. it’s feature is high intensity, good elasticity and gloss. Is a perfect material for tooth. Otherwise, the price of PBT is cheap.

There are many type filaments for brush in the world. The above is part of them, to know more, feel free to contact us:

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