There are thousand of brush in the world, for different usage, different vessel, different material. Today we will introduce the Medical brush, which is specialized for medical .

There are many kind of cleaning brush in hospital, and we will talking about the small pipe cleaning brush.



Actually there many small pipe would used in the hospital,and this pipe can not replace or not easy to replace, but in a long time, it will get dirty. So we need to clean it, For example : Endoscope, Enteroscope ,Swab sampling, humidification bottle and etc.


Material is the most important step in producing the brush. because we must confirm all the material is meet the medical level. For the filament, we will use the medical level nylon. For the steel wire, we will use the medical 304 SUS stainless steel.


To ensure all the brush can match the medical level. So all the produce process must working in the dust free room. After assembly, all the brush must be disinfect. Then will packed with aseptic bag

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