Spring Brush is the brush wire embedded in galvanized iron or stainless steel bar, through the machine wound into the shape of the spring, to form a new variety of brush roller.

The spring brush in the shape is divided into inner-winding spring brush and outer-winding spring brush as follows.

1: Wire spring brush is mainly used in steel, painting and other industries.

2,:Nylon Spring Brush is mainly used in cleaning, furniture and wood polishing, color coated roll rust and other industries.

Spring Brush to solve the common brush roller (in plastic or in nylon and other brush on the attachment of the brush wire on the brush roller) can not reach the density of the problem. (Note: because the bristles on the plastic must take into account the firmness of the brush wire, to ensure that the brush wire does not fall off, the density of the bristles on the common brush roller has the lowest limit; to achieve the highest density, the common brush roller can not reach)

Some spring brushes also have certain clearance, that is to consider the spring brush in the case of work there will be debris falling in the brush wire and can not clean up the special design.

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