Copper polishing Brush is tool which is widely used in all kind industry,
Mainly used for the surface of the parabolic parts for deburring, fine polishing and other processing, mainly by iron wire (steel wire) as a skeleton, with a lot of neat, outwards extension of the fine brush wire.


  • Base material: Stainless steel, Galvanized steel, mild steel plate, PVC panel, wood panel.
  • Filament material: copper, PP, PA, stainless steel , bristle, abrasive wire
  • Length of brush: 20 mm ~10000 mm
  • Size of base : 3 mm*3 mm ~ 12 mm*12 mm , it also can be 5*7 ( size can customize).


Mainly applicable to: hydraulic industry, automobile industry, home appliances industry, elevator industry, sanitation industry, cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner accessories, food machinery, packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, glass industry, ceramics industry, doors and Windows industry, wood industry, furniture industry, hardware industry. Used for deburring, fine grinding, elastic pressure, polishing, etc .


  • According to the situation of the work piece to choose different materials of the polishing brush, such as throwing metal tube groove, can choose steel wire polishing brush or copper wire polishing brush .
  • When using the pressure is not too large, the pressure will lead to both sides of the fine line distortion or overheating, resulting in the fine line fracture, rapid melting, reduce the service life .


Strip, Spiral, Disk, Plate. (Picture as below)

Strip polishing Brush
Strip brush
spiral polishing brush
Spiral brush
Disk polishing brush
Disk brush
Plate polishing brush
Plate brush

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