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Hi Everybody, Class Hardware wish you have a nice day everyday in a new year. We have end the 15 days new years holiday and back to our work. If you have any inquiry of nylon brush、Nylon Tube Cleaning Brushes, bottle brush、pipe brush、Steel Wire Tube Brush,Tube Brushes、twisted in wire brush,Door bottom brush、Door Brush Strip、Door Seal […]

Industrial door brush widely use in industrial doors, shutter doors, rapid doors, KFC doors, revolving doors, can play a role in sealing, dust, but different categories of products use in the matching are different, we will briefly introduce the following: Industrial doors, shutter doors, rapid doors generally use H (180 °) or F (90 °) […]

Door Brush Strip This type brush usually install on bottom of the domestic door/ hotel’s room door/ the revolving door/ shield door. To proof the dust/ light/insect, keep the room separate from the dust or insect. Door Brush strip is made of a metal base、 nylon bristle, aluminum channel. This type brush strip is hard […]