Roller Brush is a new kind of brush which embed into galvanized iron or stainless steel and wound into the shape of spring by machine

Brush material: PA (nylon) /PP (polypropylene)/animal hair (pig hair, horse hair, wool, etc.)

Usually roller Brush  divide into the following types according to different winding modes and winding number:
Winding: outside spiral brush, inside spiral brush and side winding brush;
The number of turns is different: a single turn call disk brush;
Two or more turns call spring brushes

Brush winding mainly solves the problem of unreachable density of common brush roller. (the brush roller planted on plastic or other bristle attachments such as nylon). (note: because the bristle on the plastic should take into account the firmness of the brush, to ensure that the bristle does not fall off, the common mode has the minimum density of the hair; To achieve the highest density, ordinary mode is not available)
Some brushes also have a certain amount of space, which is specially design considering that debris will fall into the brush and cannot be cleaned under the working condition.

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