Polishing Brush
Polishing Brush is a kind of brush product widely used. It is mainly used to deburr and fine polish the surface of the projectile. It is mainly composed of iron wire (steel wire) as the skeleton, with a lot of fine brush wire arranged in order and extended outward. Brush silk material has nylon, fiber wool, bristle, steel wire, copper wire, abrasive wire, and so on, have different use range respectively

Composition of polishing brush
The polishing brush is usually fixed with iron belt (or stainless steel belt) and iron wire (or stainless steel wire). It is widely used in various automatic doors, rotating doors, smoothing doors, steel structure doors, as well as machine equipment cleaning, cleaning, dust proof, sealing, etc. Thickness specification: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10mm, etc., length of wool and length of brush are processed as required, and the brush can be bent and other special treatment

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